Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Moments ~ Through Their Eyes

Thankful Moments ~ Day  6

Favorite Moment:  Spending the day at the State Capitol with the fourth grade class was quite an experience.  Aside from the generalized feeling of herding cats,  I was impressed at how interested they all were.  This is the first field trip where camera devices were encouraged, and I was struck at how different their experiences in this digital age were than mine as a kid.  They all had smart devices, dsi's or cameras and were taking pictures non-stop through the tour. 

Our State Capital is truly a gorgeous building, it reminds me of some palaces that I went through in Europe.  As a transplant to Wisconsin, I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a state history lesson with Charles on this election day.

Food for Thought:  "Most of us are creatures so comforted by habit, in can take something on the order of religion to invoke new, more conscious behaviors---however glad that we may be afterward that we went to the trouble."  Barbara Kingsolver--Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Sidney's Slant:   "My boredom is building up in me like a fiery chasm of doom."  Yep, not at all a writer in training!

Song of the Day:  Hard Headed Woman ~ Cat Stevens

Please join me for a month of Thankful Moments inspired by Thanksgiving Comes First.

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