Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Moments~ Thanksgiving Comes First

Today is November first and a Thursday so it's only fitting to begin the month with a Thankful Thursday.  With this being the month of Thanksgiving, and since Thanksgiving does come first, I'm going to challenge myself to a month of posts. This time of year retailers are looking to boost holiday sales, and are beginning to shove down our throats, inundate us with advertising. I couldn't believe that Halloween was down and Christmas up in many of our local retailers this past Sunday.....before Halloween  AND  what happened to Thanksgiving?  I thought that I'd take this month to do a short daily run down of those things that we appreciate.  Try it!  Learning to recognize and enjoy each moment is not hard, it is just a matter of slowing down long enough to recognize what is happening around you.   I have found recently that I'll quickly reach for a piece of paper to jot down some gem that one of the kids comes up with while we are out and about, just so I can remember it. So, here goes, a month of  Thankful Moments.  If you decide to try it too, comment and let me know so I can follow, and link back here. Maybe we can start a chain of Thankful Moments.

Favorite Moment:  Ironically as I was composing this post and thinking about Thanksgiving Comes First, I checked my email and I had a message from Suldog, inquiring as to whether I was going to participate this year.  The synchronicity of this moment, ignited my day with a little extra energy.

Today's Charlieism:  While waking up Charles, I asked "how are you doing?"  he mumbled:  "I'm getting my bed head on." and rolled over.

Food For Thought:  "Local food is about getting the freshest and best tasting food.  It's also about connecting to and strengthening your community.  The more that you buy locally, the more that you contribute to your local economy."  Anna Lappe

Hope for the Day:  That those on the East Coast can take one moment at a time, work toward recovery, begin to heal, and find some peace.  Much love sent to my Brother and family in New Jersey.

Today's Song:  Just Breathe done by Willie & Lukas Nelson...if you  haven't seen or heard it, it is well worth your time!

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  1. Thank you so much! I've added your link to our Facebook page and will be giving you a mention and link in my follow-up posting next week.

    (All who do a post, and notify me of its existence, will receive the same. Please join the cause!)



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