Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Comes First

golden moon
In our right now, twenty-four hour society, everyone is always looking to the next best thing.  The grass is always greener. So much so that it seems there is no time to savor or be thankful for the present moment.  If you do not watch out you can get swallowed up by life.  It just keeps going faster and faster.  No need for any retailer to tell you that you need to be prepared for the next thing around the corner.  Now I know, I am guilty of being busy, thriving on it.  But, when it comes to seasons, holidays, family, I slow down and soak in the energy around me.

I wrote last year about memories of my youth, the special Thanksgiving moments.  This year I write as someone who wants to linger in memories of the past yet savor every precious moment of the present.  This time last year I had just lost my Gram.  Last week, my other grandmother was given the information that her time on this earth is very limited.  Why is it we all choose to live life in fast forward?  Why rush?  Why choose to minimize one thing so that we can hurriedly get to the next.  By doing such, don't we completely miss all that is important?

Moral of the story?  I am by no means anti-holiday.  To me, as we approach year's end the holidays are very special.  Thanksgiving does come first.  It is a time to celebrate the bounty of fall harvest.  To take comfort in the enduring love of family and friends.  Tonight, we "fall back"  why don't we take that as a cue to slow down and enjoy the many blessings around us.  Each. one. at. a. time.

Please join Suldog for Thanksgiving Comes First!


  1. Wonderful post!! I'm so grateful for Suldog's TCF campaign - it's a great reminder to me to savor instead of rushing.



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