Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful Moments ~ Read a Good Book Lately?

Thankful Moments ~ Day 4

Favorite Moment:  A favorite moment of every Sunday is having friends over for Sunday supper.  Since we live so far from family, it's a gathering time for our surrogate family, and a nice start to and finishing off of the week.

Great Read:  I have been devouring Ken Follett books recently.  I really enjoyed Fall of Giants, it is the first in a trilogy that follows five families from different countries, all interconnected in some way, beginning with Europe's fall into the First World War.  Winter of the World (book 2) picks up during prohibition.  I am two-thirds through this book and Pear Harbor was just bombed.  I cannot put the book down.  They are well researched, and great history lessons are wrapped up into the fiction.  I find that as I am engrossed in one story line, when the segment ends and is interrupted by the next families story, I feel irritated for the segue, that is until I begin reading the next chapter, where I am captivated all over again.  Book three will be released sometime in the next couple of years.  I am thankful that Ken Follett has captivated me into making reading a priority again. 

Food For Thought:  Sometimes you just need comfort food.  I'm getting my Bechemel on with Alton Browns Baked Macaroni and Cheese  a perfect accompaniment to a fresh garden arugula salad.  Finishing off Sunday comfort with homemade chocolate pudding, can't get much better than that!

Sidney's Slant:  As I'm typing Sidney is leaning against me "I'm bored,"  Me:  "Please don't stand over my shoulder."  Sidney:  "Well you're the most interesting person in the house!."  Thanks....I think?!

Today's Song:  Church by: Lyle Lovett

 Please join me for a month of Thankful Moments inspired by Thanksgiving Comes First.

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  1. Thanks to YOU for the ongoing links!

    Odd thing I've been reading lately - an old columnist by the name of Westbrook Pegler. He was around from the 30's up until the 60's. His writings during WW2 are very interesting as history!



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