Friday, March 18, 2011


Back in December I participated in #reverb10 which was thought provoking in so many ways.  I was challenged to analyze what I had accomplished, and then I was given the task to decide where I wanted to see myself.  The first question was to pick one word that describes yourself this year.  That was easy for me.  When, later in the month, I was asked what I wanted to achieve in 2011 I really had difficulty pin pointing clear goals in my head. 

As 2011 has slowly begun to unfold for me and the harshness of winter, recession and local politics have all weighed on me. It came to me.  I found that this cocoon of the blogosphere has allowed me to search and grow.  When I found and blogged here about the amazing yet not new concept of wabi-sabi, I did so because I was truly touched by what it means, and the clear simple steps outlined.  It really envelops everything that we are trying to accomplish.  The thought process is very earthy and zen, with a focus on simplicity and peace.   I then came across lizlamoreaux's amazing etsy store and was captivated by her soul mantra necklace.

My mantra
Webster's Dictionary defines:
    To prepare and work on land in order to raise crops.
   To develop or improve by education.
    To promote growth or development.
   To devote oneself to art, science, etc.
    To seek to promote or foster friendship, love, etc.

Wabi-Sabi says:
Cultivate Slowness, Vision
Craft, solitude, space,
silence, soul, imperfection
hospitality, and simplicity.
I will cultivate our homestead.
I will cultivate our children,
with a regard for our earth
and all of the people on it. 
I will cultivate new ideas to expand our families horizons.
I will use this mantra as a source of motivation, inspiration and peace.

What one word will you use this year??


  1. my word for the year is far so good :)
    happy weekend....

  2. So glad to see spring here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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