Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful Moments ~ Jet Trails

Thankful Moments Days 16 & 17

Favorite Moments: When driving across country there can be many monotonous hours. We always break the trip in two and sometimes the best sunsets are those watched as they gradually reach their finality. I am eager to load the shots from my camera, but for the time being my iPhone and the cloud will have to do. This weekend of travel, with so many beginning to make their way to family, it seemed appropriate that last night's sky was overwhelmed by jet trails, going in all different directions and gradually spreading from pinpoint lines to soft puffs of clouds. We picked up Aunt Sissy half way and are now stretching our legs and shaking off the numbness that comes with long drives.

Long road trips leave me with many thankful moments: laughter, scenery, are we there yets, hotel pools, long conversations, 'flash back weekends' on the radio, and the endless chatter of my little nuclear family, quite the perfect way to spend my 40th!

Please join me in a month of thankful moments inspired by Thanksgiving Comes First.
**I'm trying out my blogger for iPad and this is my first try...I can't find any of the formatting features, so this post is hyperlink free & I hope my photo shows up...anyone have hints or tips? :)

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