Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mid-week Smiles

As we head into mid-week, I thought you might just need a smile and looking at baby cow pictures certainly does that for me.  These babies are still being bottle fed, so they just love to suck on fingers!

Getting back in the routine and catching up at work and school can be a bit of a challenge after vacation, especially since I've been under the weather the last couple of days.  But, I think I'm rounding the bend (not going around the bend ;)  I have a loaf of gingerbread in the oven filling the house with sweet spicy smells, the lights are turned down low as to see the Christmas lights twinkling, and I just made the kids a yummy smoothie as their after school 'linner' (little meal between lunch and dinner) in my fantastic birthday Vitamix!  With quiet contentedness around me and some couch time tonight, hopefully I will be back to 100% tomorrow!

For another smile...a Charlieism:  Yesterday Charles had to go to the dentist for a small filling in one of his baby teeth.  While waiting for the dentist to come in, where other kids may be intimidated, he was inspecting all of the laid out tools with some relish.  Some of the crazy tools looked like something right out of 'Little Shop of Horrors', and he thought that was pretty cool!  Once they numbed the area, he was to sit up and wait a few minutes for it to take full effect...the nurse then asked how he was feeling.  His response "My lip feels like it's getting it's Elvis on."   This and a number of his following observations had the dentist and hygienist in stitches the entire time!

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