Sunday, November 25, 2012

Driving Lessons

I had grand plans of a blog post about our four-wheeling adventures.  I had taken a number of great shots with B and me and the kids, but then it happened;  Mom mentioned that B had been driving a tractor by the time he was Sidney's age, and that was it!  The kids were all over learning to drive the four-wheelers.

As with many things, the kids have different approaches to how they attempt new things.  Sidney was confident yet the start, and took instructions well.

Charles, had the pedal to the medal before the instructions were fully out of B's mouth.

But we did find early on, that he isn't quite tall enough to negotiate the gas and steering wheel at the same time.  Ultimately, he steered and the adult was in charge of the gas pedal.

Then their confidence soared when it was Aunt sissy's turn to be driven around!

It's great to be able to show off all of your tricks, especially if it involves making your passenger squeal :)

All in all, a great lesson.  Oh, and mom and dad did get a chance to go out and have fun too.

I am so glad that the kids enjoyed this so much, because I now know a couple of kids who will be put in charge of mowing with the tractor next summer!

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