Friday, June 8, 2012

What a Week!

This has been a week of beginnings and endings.  Happiness, hard work, nostalgia and giving back.

Charles had his first bout with Poison Ivy which of course my allergy boy reacted to badly, yet never complained and worked his butt off at club soccer tryouts Monday and Tuesday, even though the heat and sweat had only to exacerbate the itching.  His only concern brought to B was...."Since I'm on steroids, can I not try out for soccer?  Aren't steroids in sports bad??"  It has been a week full of Charlieisms!  When we were playing a little basketball earlier in the week he asked me "so, what do you want to talk about?"  I said, "I don't know what do you want to talk about?"  to which he responded: "Gravity is odd."  I asked him "why?"  he said "because I want to float and this way, on the ground is just so boring!"  Oh what little boys think about!

Wednesday I hosted our local Chapter's Dining For Women.  If you have not heard of this amazing group, please look into it.  It is perfect for all of us who are constantly volunteering locally and looking for some small way to make a larger difference on a more worldwide scale.  It was a lovely evening of education, discussion and friendship.  You can also like our page on facebook. :)

Though today is the last day of school, my little girl graduated fifth grade yesterday afternoon.  It's hard to believe that she is already heading off to middle school!  She received a few special recognitions in the ceremony, being a finalist in the lighthouse contest, chosen most artistic for her classroom, and excelling through high achievement on the NUMATS testing.  I'm afraid that smiles weren't completely in her wheelhouse.  She wasn't at all unhappy, but is not liking her new braces smile....even though the uppers are clear and you can't see them, apparently she can and that's enough!

The last day of school and first weekend of summer brings with it; teachers gifts, which this year is a half dozen perfect multicolored eggs laid yesterday, a plant-able thank you card, and a gift card to iTunes.  It also brings our ice-cream sundaes for dinner tradition this evening and this year a weekend of 90 degrees and unusually tough humidity is to descend upon us tomorrow.  It will be perfect weather for a New Orleans style dinner club.  We chose Justin Wilson as the chef for tomorrow night's festivities.  B and I were feeling nostalgic for his easy Cajun style that we watched regularly on PBS back in the day...I gaaaruuntee!  (does anyone else remember this gem??)

I leave you with this shot taken yesterday.  The garden is coming nicely and we're deeply watering it to prepare for the heat.  The late evening sunlight hit this little forest of beets and it looked like a fairly land.  I will imagine myself to this place this weekend when I am looking for a cool haven.  Happy weekend!

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