Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Skill and Imagination

Beginning with being enchanted by  Legolas, then moving on to Katniss and Merida, these are some of the archers that the kids have loved over many years.  This year, they began archery for 4H.  The last month has been quite an education on stance, eye dominance, sights, finger tabs, arm guards, draw length, bow tension and the list goes on. 

The first great challenge was getting our heads around the little tidbit that my leftie (Charles) is right eye dominant and shoots right handed and my right handed one (Sidney) is left eye dominant and shoots left handed.  Talk about switching things up!  The shoots, twice weekly for the last three weeks, have been to develop an average of four shoots, leading up to their fair shoot for a ribbon.   Since the weather has been incredibly hot here, the last two weeks have meant shooting in 90 degree heat.

Last night in a gorgeous (and it appears short lived) 70 degree temperature, they had their final fair shoot and both bested their averages gaining them blue ribbons!  The fair isn't until the last week in July, but the shooting sports compete outside of fair and have their results and photos posted in the 4H barn.  

The experience has been wonderful.  I suspect that we will become regular members of the bowmen and participate in many future events.  This sport is a great combination of developing skills while living in imagination.  What is better than that?


  1. how wonderful! they look so proud of their achievements :)

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.



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