Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simplicity and Technology

Most of the time I find myself running from project to project, task to task.  I enjoy being busy and have never been wholly comfortable with being idle.  It has been very few times that I have taken a few minutes of hammock time.  Primarily because of the above statement, but also due to the fact that peak hammock season is also accompanied by clouds of mosquitos that just seem to love me!  I can be thankful for the what is now approaching drought conditions, even though it means burning bans and extra attentive care to the garden and animals.  Why?  Even with the extra work and concern, there are almost no mosquitos which has done it's part in affording me this simple luxury. 

As I spent a little quality hammock time last weekend it struck me as funny how trying to live a simpler life can also be so tightly accompanied by the ease or unease (depending on how you see it) of technology.  Whether it be something as simple as reading a book and taking a photo (of said book on a device) or trying to share our experience through this blog, technology seems to go hand in hand with allowing it to happen.  I don't think that I would have seen this gorgeous reflection of the giant maple tree in a paperback.  I enjoy how technology and simplicity can work together to give a fuller experience, an outlet to reflect upon, capture and utilize those simple things to their fullest. 


  1. i'm jealous... i wish i had the space for a hammock.

  2. Yup. Nice reflection capture of the tree. Good to know you had a nice "hammock time".



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