Saturday, June 30, 2012

Second Farm Bag of the Season

With our now drought conditions, we are very thankful that we have had some abundant early season harvests.  I would say that one of our flaws in any given year is staying on top of watering.  Partly, in most years, due to the fact that we always seem to have intermittant rain that doesn't require us to do a lot of watering.  This year with no real rain to speak of we have been taught to be very dilligent in our hydration of parched plants and grounds.  It has truly made an extrodinary difference.  Hopefully our early season luck will spill over into the more traditional bumper crops, and that this year will be productive in ripe tomatoes for canning and eating.  After last years 150 + pounds of green tomatoes and the touch of tennis elbow that came from grinding them all for relish, I think I'd like to do overkill on sauce and salsa!  For your enjoyment, and my tracking purposes, here is farm bag number two's newsletter.

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