Monday, June 11, 2012

Homemade Hooch

The last couple of days have been all things fermented.  We did our final racking of the 9 gallons of wine we put down last fall.  The remnants of the wild grape wine made a fine sangria, and the little taste of the elderberry/rhubarb did not disappoint.  I cannot wait until this fall!

Last year I made homemade vanilla extract, which has a rather large vodka component.  This year in the spirit of the cordials that I have learned to love, I found a recipe on pinterest for  rhubarb gin. 

Well 'tis the season, rhubarb season that is.  So the rhubarb gin is steeping.  Such a simple recipe and process, I cannot wait to taste the rewards in just about a month!  By the way, I have a new favorite word....macerat.. the act of allowing the rhubarb, in its natural form, to just steep in it's juices with sugar...and get oh so happy!

I have also begun my first homemade sourdough starter, but that fermented diddy will be for it's own post once I get further into the process...and process it is!  I'm looking forward to our pending homemade hooch.  There is after all, more to come.   What do you think a good chunk of that honey is going towards in the fall???  Why mead, another little venture into homemade hooch.


  1. my husband and i make wine too. well, my husband mostly. i drink it. a lovely blog, here... so glad i found it through "be yourself..." peace, e.

  2. anxious to hear how your wine turns out! and i'll have to get some rhubarb down in some gin. i've currently got beech leaves steeping in gin and today i poured a bottle of vodka over a bunch of elderflowers. next, we'll need to invest in a still. ;-)

  3. Hi there, how did your rhubarb gin turn out? Glad to have found your blog, and hope you enjoyed the recipe.

  4. The rhubarb gin turned out great! It's all gone ;-) Just getting bottles ready to bottle the wine, and are prepping to put another batch down too!



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