Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Birdhouse

Five years ago, just after we moved into the farm, we were on a long summer car trip and came across an Amish family selling things on the roadside.  We picked up this lovely birdhouse.  The years have weathered it, but I still love it's little acorn shape.  It is a popular place and each year we have a new family that takes up residence in the house.  Some years the families are more successful than others.   I noticed a few weeks ago that a wren pair were busy cleaning it out, and I hoped that we'd have a healthy batch of babies.  The other morning I caught a glimpse of a new little life as I walked past the kitchen door.

Fortunately, my camera was at arms reach and I was able to grab a couple of quick shots.  Welcome little one!

Aww, look it's breakfast time!

Uh Oh, I think I've been spotted.

Oops, and now I'm being yelled at.

I suspect the little one will be fully fledged soon, maybe another avian family will yet adopt the birdhouse again this year.

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