Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for ..... #atozchallenge

For whatever reason K was a real challenge for me today.  All day as I tried to brainstorm, the only words that I came up with were Knock, Knife, Kite and Knope (as in Leslie from Parks and Rec).  As I was helping to motivate the children this evening to complete respective massive school projects both due within the next 48 hours I was lamenting that I had not written my post to which Sidney immediately offered Knowledge.  Wow.  That is fantastic!  However, I am not sure that I can come up with a thoughtful post in whatever time remains of this ever increasingly hectic evening.  To which Sid fired back, Kids.   Aha!  Yes.  Kids.  Those dear ones that we do everything for in every moment of the day to our last breath.  These humans we created that are developing under our tutelage into young adults.  They contribute to our joy, angst, frustration, worry and unconditional love.  Yes, K is for Kids.

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  1. I am struggling actually with all the letters this year, even though it was last year I was totally unprepared for the challenge (Did not know it existed until it started :D )... sigh...
    Love your K-post :D Kids!



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