Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Energy #atozchallenge

flying over NYC our way home on 3/30/16

Energy can be referred to in many ways.  Through physics, science describes the inner workings of the world.  Whether it be kinetic, mechanical or nuclear, scientists have made some amazing discoveries.  For me, energy takes on a more visceral meaning.  It is the flow of life. The yin and yang that runs through the us and is always moving.  It may wax and wane but always recovers projecting us forward. Onward.  Energy is intuition, the inner spirit that guides our life force.  Energy is also the power that allows us to handle all of the detours in life.

Connecting with the A to Z Challenge...have you challenged yourself recently?  :)


  1. I just wish some days I had more energy :)


  2. I agree with Betty. But I love how you tied energy to the ebbs and flows of life.



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