Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Detour #atozchallenge

at La Alhambra, Granada Spain

There are many kinds of detours. They can be a frustration, a blessing in disguise or an adventure.  Spring marks construction season in Wisconsin, and one of my main travel routes for toting kids is closed for who knows how long.   This type of detour is definitely a frustration.

Life can also throw you detours that demand your strictest attention and challenge your dedication.  These detours can be pivotal in personal growth and development, though not necessarily seen this way as you digest the emotion that comes with the twist in the road.

Then there are the detours that are taken for delight.  Ones that require a simple decision as to which direction to go on diverging roads in towns that date back millennia.

Whatever detour you are on, may your discovery lead you on a road less traveled.

**As I decide on what to write for each letter, I find myself opening a draft and listing the words that come to mind.  Today I used a little alliteration and used most of those words.

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