Thursday, June 4, 2015

Honey Tree

Our bee hive began to be very active in very early spring, even on fairly cool days.  As a result, B supered (added a box to the top full of pure comb just to be filled with honey) the hive a month ago.  The week before Memorial Day was warm and the hive was increasingly active, and B had spotted some queen cells inside so we were concerned that they were preparing to swarm, but as we were headed out of town we left it to nature.  The hive is still full of bees, but Monday, B felt pretty confident that there had been swarm, and we figured c'est la vie since we had been gone.

Yesterday as the kids were spending some time outside, they came running in, did you know there are tons of bees in the tree with the mushroom in it?  Sure enough it appears that our swarm has found a new home inside of this tree.  I am happy they decided to stick around and pollinate our garden.  We may not be able to get any honey from this group, but it is pretty cool that we'll have a honey tree.....where's Pooh?

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