Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grandpa's Voice

The last several days have been filled with hurried plans, remembrances, reunion, laughter and love.  Though I sit here tonight with tears once again pricking my eyes, I remind myself that a vivid, bold, and very long life indeed should be bringing tears of joy rather than sadness.  I suppose I am especially nostalgic as grandpa was my last living grandparent, so an important part of my life is now silent.

The time in California was peppered with little gifts from grandpa....  the above Sunrise for one.  The valuable time with my brother and his family which drew us that much closer.  The early morning song of an owl the morning of his funeral that both B and I heard and smiled at his goodbye to us.

I am thankful that I saw grandpa a few weeks ago at Christmas, his last words and sentiments to me were on a repeat in my head the entire flight home.  My brother Billy and I were asked to say a few words of remembrance at the grave site.  I hardly remember doing it now, and am not sure how coherent I was with the sobs that I could hardly choke down.  This was what I hope that I relayed.

Grandpa's voice was so special to me for many reasons.  The timber of his speech was a sound that I have never heard from anyone else, and I can still hear vividly in my mind.  Whether it be his effusive smiles and laughter, always ready to say 'cheese, cheese, cheese' while posing for a picture, or the immense experience that he could draw from for his amazing stories, or his no-nonsense advice, Grandpa's voice will stay with me forever.


  1. So sorry for your loss Amy. Your words are beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful man!

  2. Such beautiful felt words in remembering your grandpa.
    Both of my grandpas have been going since I was a child, but these words still speak to my own heart.
    Grandpas should live forever, and in their memory I believe they do.
    Wishing love and strength and peace to you and your family.



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