Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  When I went out to take pictures of the ice on Lake Michigan earlier this week, I captured this little guy dancing.  It is amazing how calm and smooth the lake was that day!

2.  28 degrees has never felt so good.  Nuff said.

3.  We managed to get a big chunk of the basement cleaned out last weekend, it is amazing how much accumulates over time.  It was like a walk down a memory lane of old kids crafts and garden start remnants.

4. Our chickens are really troopers, perfectly content with their heat lamps in this weeks cold.  Interesting fact...when eggs freeze in record overnight lows, they crack and split.

5.  Speaking of eggshells, we have been saving all of our egg shells to crush and use in next years garden.  This morning I came across an interesting article on re-purposing dried crushed egg shells and using them instead of oyster shell. It is supposed to be just as good and also act as a deterrent for any egg eaters.  Have you tried this??

Happy  Weekend!

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  1. how interesting, the other day I made an angel food cake, 12 eggs, 12 egg yolks (mixed for cats and dog) but the shells I wondered what they'd be good for, thank you for this suggestion. I have used the crushed oyster shell when I lived in Canada on the West Coast where oysters were abundant. This is a fantastic photo, I love how his wet top knot is as if it is being whipped by the wind.

  2. what a beautiful dance. i'm glad you took the time to go out & capture the shot. lovely times. ( :

  3. What a great shot.
    I did not know that about chicken eggs cracking when they freeze. So good that the chickens have been content with their warmers and that you are warming up some from the terrible cold.

  4. Our hens stopped laying in November -- I guess they needed the rest! :)



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