Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Suspended Animation

Lake Michigan is as smooth as glass today, as calm as I have ever seen it.  The magnificence of the much frozen expanse is a sight.  The ice leaves you with a feeling that everything is in suspended animation.

Moments that show how ferociously the wind and waves could batter the shores and man made objects and then leave behind a little calling card.  A reminder maybe, that something as big as mother nature is not to be taken lightly.

And that something with such capabilities of destruction can also encapsulate the world in a veil of beauty.  That nudge reminding us of the splendor that is ours to take care of.


  1. Mother Nature can be really harsh. Great captures.

  2. That first shot is stunning!
    We fell in love with Lake Michigan this spring when driving along the north shore of it.
    Much different than our beloved Lake Superior that we're used to - we were surprised at the calm, shallower looking water - sandy dunes along the shores & turquoise colors there.



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