Monday, July 2, 2012

Swarm Follow-up ~ Re-Hiving

Transfer from Box to hive

Yesterday evening, once B returned with the hive, he transferred the bees from the box to their new home.  It all begins with removing a few bars (the guides for them to build their comb) and dumping, yes, I said dumping,  the bees into the hive.

The Dump Emptying Box

This process takes only a couple of minutes and they immediately start to acclimate.   Amazingly, once the box was empty we noticed that the lid had the starts of comb being made on it!  They had only been in there for a couple of hours!

Placing Bars

Once the box is emptied, B replaced the bars that he had removed.

Placing Quilt

Then carefully slid on the quilt.

7/1/12 Faning

At this point we all gathered around the front to watch the ones that were flying around line up to march in the front door.  It was so cool to see.  The bees that have their butts in the air facing outward are wildly flapping their wings.  This is called fanning.  They do this to alert (fan) the other bees from their swarm to their queens scent.  Home Sweet Home.

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