Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Go Surfing Now..


Learning to surf was a true California adventure for the kids, and something that I have never done.  Sure, I have body surfed and boogie-boarded, but the real deal Beach Boy surfer stuff was all for the kids.


They had a great instructor, who was patient yet made them do all the work.  Balance was key, and Charles has had nothing but staying on his toes balance training in club soccer the last twelve months, so he was all set.  Sid did a great job holding her own.  She took a few tries longer to get it going, but determination kicked in and she was catching each mini curl as was her brother.

Heading to the Water

They had to haul their own boards a long way down the beach due to the thick sea weed beds.


They had the truly magical experience of surfing while just 25 feet from them was a school of dolphins frolicking.

Wipe Out splash

Then came trying, wiping out, trying again, almost getting it, and finally catching the wave.

Ease strength 7/8/12 Surfin'

What a great experience! Sidney loved it and will do it again for sure, but it is Charles that has been incessantly asking for a wet suit and a surfboard. I told him that we had to investigate what opportunities we had here before we could do that. He is all set to hit any wave pool or Lake Michigan, and plans to surf no matter the weather when we return to California.

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