Sunday, July 1, 2012

June In Review

What a difference a month makes! I glanced back at last month to try to get some perspective on how things had progressed and I was stunned. Garden-wise, we have been ahead all year as I indicated in last months summary, but a long and early spring is no match for true summer weather and produce. Small lovely flowering plants that were the focus last month have suddenly begun to produce and with increasing volumes that have allowed us to get two sizable farm bags out! To understand how incredible this is, the last two years our first farm bag was right on the fourth of July! The kids finished school and begun the wonderful days of summer. They have been busy with activities and friends. We head next week to California for vacation, and then when we return they have an assortment of day camps lined up and of course fair. I am excited to see what July's review brings!

June In Review
1. 6/1/12 Homemade Target for Archery Practice, 2. 6/2/12 Lavender, 3. 6/3/12 1st Strawberries, 4. 6/4/12 Leaves, 5. 6/5/12 Strawberry Crumble, 6. 6/6/12 Dining For Women, 7. 6/7/12 Beet Forest, 8. 6/8/12 Girl Talk, 9. 6/9/12 Thirst quenching, 10. 6/10/12 Brushing Cheek, 11. 6/11/12 Rhubarb Gin, 12. 6/12/12 Silk Trail, 13. 6/13/12 Pile 'O Pea Pods, 14. 6/15/12 Painted, Peppered Sunlight, 15. 6/16/12 Wisconsin Eve, 16. 6/14/12 Baby Bird, 17. 6/17/12 Farm Bag 1, 18. 6/18/12 Kiddo Summer Reads, 19. 6/19/12 Where did you come from little leopard frog?, 20. 6/20/12 Lavender Harvest, 21. 6/21/12 Summer Sky, 22. Sourdough Jam Cake Cooling, 23. 6/23/12 Simple Pleasures, 24. 6/24/12 Root River, 25. 6/27/12 Hello little black eyed Susan, 26. 6/29/12 We go together like peas & carrots, 27. 6/25/12 Allium, 28. 6/26/12 Raspberry Cordial Starts, 29. 6/28/12 Elderflower Soda, 30. 6/30/12 Elderflower Cordial Created with fd's Flickr Toys

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