Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mother Rooster

85:366 Mother Rooster

One of the interesting things that we learned about Silkies when Sidney was choosing her show breed last year, was that the roosters are broody, and may very well assist hens by sitting on a clutch of eggs.  Since until just recently we haven't had any compatible (size wise) birds to house with Topaz, we did not know if this would be the case.  When we moved the D'uccles and Topaz outside from the barn last week, we also added to two baby (now 4 month's old) D'uccles to the mix.  It has been a happy introduction and Topaz is very protective of them.  The last couple of mornings our temperatures have been cooler, more seasonal.  I tried to capture a shot, the second day when I let them out, and the above was as close as I could get.  What is so sweet about the proximity of the birds is that when I opened the house to peek in, topaz had one of the young girls tucked under each wing and was keeping them warm.  You have heard the phrase mother hen, right?  Well I must say it is so cool to have a mother rooster!

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  1. i am more and more amazed by chickens every day.



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