Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

It is Tuesday morning, and I know that if I don't jot down a few things now, the rest of this week will run away.  Life can be a whirlwind, yet caught up in that swirl tends to be what makes me thrive.  The quiet early morning moments are when I reflect and many times when the world slows down enough around me that the whole household seems to take a collective exhale.

::  I love that our little homestead, seems to be such an inviting place for wildlife.  The fact that a pair of foxes seems to have taken up residence, hasn't deterred the little herd of deer that seems to grace us with their quiet beauty every dawn and dusk.  I wonder if we will see babies in a couple of months taking their first uncertain steps under our gaze.

::  You would think that the netted roof of the chicken run could withstand anything after making it through our 27 inches of snow in one night last February. Oh no, we get five inches of heavy white stuff and it collapses like a house of cards.  Poor girls are now quarantined inside the barn until we can get in and build a new roof.  I feel bad that they are stuck in doors when the weather has been so mild, yet I know they have had a great winter so far and due to the above wildlife, letting them out un-roofed would be disastrous.

::  I'm so proud that as of last night B is officially on the Board of Directors for the Wild Root Market!  I can't wait to see our co-op come to fruition!

::  My alphabet February in the Postcards to Blog Camp project went really well!  I made it through unscathed, though sometimes perplexed when the day began.  It sure makes the last three 'free shot' days of the month seem like a breeze!

::  My grandmother passed away early last Saturday morning.  This week's swirl is filled with flashes of memory coupled with wrapping up the business month end, and hopping on a plane on Thursday.  Thankfully, the members of my family have been blessed with long and full lives.  Now is the time to remember and celebrate that life, while holding my grandfather's hand.

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  1. warm wishes as you travel from the Hemmigs!



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