Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alphabetical Irony

G is for Grapes
G is for Grapes. 

This month in Postcards To Blog Camp, we are following a challenge within a challenge, so to speak. Each day we are submitting a photo of the date's corresponding letter of the alphabet. Believe it or not this is quite a brain teaser. Each day I get up, think of what letter we are on and then try to brainstorm words and conjure up images of things to photograph. In addition, I'm trying to stay away from the usual suspects. I submitted D~D'uccle, so refrained from E~Egg or F~Feather. I think knowing what I do not want to do has assisted in mentally blocking me from shots. Interestingly, the following day, in retrospect, I can come up with several would be shots that I could have taken.  As I sit home with Sidney today and glance over at her flushed cheeks, it immediately occurs to me I could have submitted a shot for Fever versus the one of Frost I posted yesterday.   Hmmm F's for hot and cold how is that for alphabetical irony?

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