Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A House Guest (Colorado Chronicles)

The first morning we were in Colorado, we had booted the kids outside to play and we were scurrying around getting ourselves put together so we could meet our friends, and gracious hosts, for a acclimating hike.  As I with somewhat bleary eyes walked through the house I came toe to toe with a chipmunk....in the kitchen!  Somewhat startled I yelled out for a "boy" to help. The little chipmunk meandered his way, quite knowingly, through the living room and out a crack in the back screen door.  After we secured the screen, he hopped onto the screen door as if to say...'hey, I didn't get a treat for my trick!'  We had to be careful of this little guy the whole trip.  He was quite the opportunist, always looking for entry.
On the flip side of this, we were two of four families in our little cabin.  A first time vacationing together and it was quite a dream.  During the night, I would hear footsteps stirring upstairs a number of times during the night.  I just chalked it up to kids or adults needing to be up during the night.  No biggie.  Well, we found out after we left that our housemates also had a similar nightly experience only thinking it was us.  Interestingly, they realized it wasn't when the footsteps continued downstairs after we had left.  Funny, we were all so courteous of one another, that had one of us actually mentioned it we may have come to the conclusion that we had a house guest of another kind.

To house guests, invited and uninvited, always make for amazing memories!

**though the second photo has nothing to do with this post, I thought the orb like flare was appropriate :)

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