Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's What's For Dinner

 Today was the day, school supply shopping!  I picked up the kids after work and we headed to complete the task at hand.  Two stores later, mission accomplished.  Both stores were crazy busy and I was so looking forward to getting home and unwinding.  
Then I realized....I'd left 15 pounds of cucumbers brining and they had to be canned.  Ugh!   We painstakingly grow, preserve and cook our food to provide better taste, better nutrition and a strong sense of where our food comes from.  
I'm tired and begin to laugh, thinking about the absurdity of what I'm going to do.  The act of creating this environment has made me so tired this evening that I prepared the kids Mac-n-Cheese for dinner.  No, not the homemade kind I normally make (because I know what's in it and it tastes so darned good).  No, I cracked open a good old fashioned box of processed goodness and let the kids go to town.  Does anyone else see the irony in this??


  1. testing testing......yippeeeeeeee !
    i can now leave comments :)

    and those school supplies.....well, ummm, could i have grilled chicken instead....with maybe a salad for dinner instead :)

  2. oh cripes....what's with the two "insteads" up there....what a dork i am....maybe now you'll wish i still couldn't comment :)

  3. Beth, glad it's working now! Definitly doing garden nummies for dinner tonight! :)



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