Monday, January 11, 2010

As I Look Out The Window

As I look out of the window this is what I see. But today is the day we begin to envision much more. Yes, it's only January 11 and we've just caught a glimpse of our first seed catalog. When we were in the car this morning, I prompted: "you know we really need to start thinking about this berry patch if we're going to put a big one in this year" to which Brian said "oh, did you see what I was looking at online this morning?" No in fact I did not, but I can see we're both on the same wave length and ready to jump in with both feet.

The garden is truly a labor of love, but I think that the most satisfying are the things that we put in that become a sort of infrastructure. I talked here a bit about the history that we contribute for future generations. When we pulled the diseased raspberries out at the end of last season, our commitment was made. Now we're researching sod removing equipment and different trellising techniques so that we may plant and/or transplant our raspberries, boysenberries, gooseberries, black and red currents, lingonberries and we're looking at the very non berry hardy kiwi. Yum!

So this afternoon we will turn some of these wonderful peaches, that have been waiting for months for the perfect time to make an appearance, into a sweet peach crisp. We will then get a taste of the sunshine that will inspire our future berry garden.

**I think I will turn my 'garden harvest' area into the 2010 garden plan for now so we can chronicle this years plans as we make them.
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