Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Legacy Planting

It's Asparagus Baby!  Yes we did it.  After a failed attempt last year, we planned, worked our butts off and now have a large Asparagus bed planted!!  Brian did the rototilling and I shoveled load after load into the wheelbarrow and we had the spidery looking crowns planted on Sunday afternoon.  Brian was so bummed last year that we didn't get this task accomplished.   I think for him this is the biggest gain yet in our gardening adventure.  He feels it's the most rewarding of our plantings because it's the gift that keeps on giving.  With any luck at all, our grand kids will enjoy the fruits of our labors.  We'll have asparagus in the early spring, decorative ferns between the barns in the summer and a blazing yellow show in the fall.  Best of all, it will do it all on it's own again next year!  I'm off to look up the Asparagus recipes of our future :)

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