Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

notice juice dripping from chin and read on :)

I may have been unplugged for the last week of vacation, but my blogger mind was running, and I actually sat down with pen and paper to jot down some thoughts which may be reflected in the next several posts.

When I began to formulate this blog, I realized that all of the guilty pleasures that I came up with involved food. hmmm or should I say yummmm....

Something you should know;  I'm not a soda drinker, never have been, and I always try to eat fairly healthy.  Now lets blow that philosophy straight out the window.  Whenever we head South, I know I'm on vacation when I see my favorite fast food joint.  Sonic.   I've loved it since I lived briefly in Kansas, and am absolutely addicted to 2 things.  Chedda-Peppers, and Route 44 Cherry Limeade.  My dear husband braved the drive through, while towing the boat, several times to satisfy this craving of mine (fortunately he loves it almost as much as I do).

I also indulged in Fried Catfish w/ hush puppies, good old fashioned beans and cornbread, old style St. Louis BBQ, Crawfish Etouffee as well as the typical lake fare; brats, burgers etc.  So it was a good foodie week.  Probably standing out most in my mind are the peaches....

I love all of the farm stands in Northwest Arkansas, and was thrilled to see beautiful, ripe, juicy peaches!  What a treat.  I'm forever trying to buy local and seasonal foods as well as support local farmers, so I resist a lot of stuff.  We get our fruit fulfillment from the garden in the summer, and then the local apple orchards all fall.  When I have broken down to buy some shipped in fruits, they're  horribly under ripe and when they finally ripen, completely tasteless.

As we drove out of town, I picked up a case of peaches.  You know the kind that send juice down your chin and make you think you've just tasted a piece of heaven.  We ate them the whole car ride and I'm going to can some today.  When I picked them up I found out that in fact the peaches were from Georgia because the Arkansas crop had been destroyed by a late freeze.  Well, we're fairly close to Georgia and I know it came from a farm connection that this 90 year old farm stand owner had further south, so I bought them.

As we're driving I begin to think more about this.  I am now driving home carrying a case of peaches so in effect am I shipping them??  I began to laugh a little thinking about this concept.  Is the fuel consumption that these peaches are using even more since we're towing the boat?  So I bought fairly local and am now taking them home.  But since we're making this annual drive anyway, bringing the peaches is just a bonus right? It's not really adding more to the shipment line of the peach is it?  What a guilty pleasure, but hey, how many people that you know would have dissected the purchase of peaches like this?

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  1. YUM! We have been enjoying your peaches since your return. Thanks for bringing them over!




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