Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Pottery #atozchallenge

When in Spain we relished in all of the local artistry.  I mentioned before how when we were in Barcelona that we happened across a flea market where we picked up some great art pieces.  As small scale farmers and foodies alike, we were taken by the agriculture and history of the area.  We had no idea that Spain was the number one producer of Olive Oil in the world.  Brought about in no small part by their entry into the EU where their primary investment was in olive trees.  To me, this decision especially highlighted the careful forethought of the people.  Trees were not an investment that paid off quickly and this decision was somewhat mocked by some, but they got a lot of bang for the buck, and now it has created a booming and sustainable business.  In fact the entire southern half of the country is virtually all olive trees....accept where the red soil was waiting for crocus' to pop up to yield the saffron harvest.  Needless to say we picked up amazing and inexpensive Olive Oil, Saffron and Local Honey.

Well, one thing that you should always look at while in Spain is the pottery.  We went to any number of pottery shops and perused.  But being such a special trip, we took our time and were not hasty in our purchases.

We decided on a beautiful (and usable) water jug and a platter for display either on a table or the wall.  We ended up making these purchases on the last day of the trip in Barcelona, and though we ultimately found exactly what were were looking for we almost missed out entirely.  When you are traveling and find something you like, I would encourage you to get it while you can.  There were a couple of other special items that I wanted but waited too long thinking that we would be able to find them anywhere, and we did not.  A fine balance indeed between the impulse to buy early on, and waiting just a little too long. 

It appears Juno has made the platter her nesting spot, I am afraid that she may be rather put out when we try it out on the wall!

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