Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for Namaste #atozchallenge

Since I began yoga a few years ago, I noticed that no matter where I am, at home or traveling, there is always a consistent conclusion.  Bringing your hands to heart center and closing with a short bow and saying namaste.  Your hands representing a coming together of your yin and yang over your heart chakra.  The literal sanskrit meaning is namah (bowing) te (to you).  At the closing of a class the instructor normally will say "the divine in me honors the divine in you," to which we all say namaste.  Namah can also be interpreted as not mine, signifying the minimizing of your ego when around others.  Whether used more informally as a greeting, while in a practice, or as a mantra during worship the take home message is the same.  Look inward, find your center, humble and open yourself to others and allow yourself to recognize and honor the good both internally and in those around you.  Namaste.

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