Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Motherhood #atozchallenge

Where does the time go?  Fifteen years ago Sunday I became a mother for the first time.  We did not know the sex prior to delivery and were awed by our baby girl with amazing green eyes.  Today that little bundle is growing into a young woman finishing her Freshmen year in high school.  She has always been a very introspective child, who continually develops her own unique world view.  As she matures she has her struggles and joys, disappointments and triumphs. Each day bringing something new to navigate, strengthening her resolves as she heads towards adulthood.  I am awed by her quick wit, kind heart, creativity and thoughtful intelligence.

Motherhood has taught me the depths of love, patience, worry and joy.  It is a task that fills you with appreciation for those who have come before and gives you a broader understanding of life.  The photo above is of a picture drawn by a dear friend of my mother who recently passed away.  It was a gift upon our daughter's birth and has held a special spot hanging in our house ever since.


  1. What a lovely drawing, it does capture motherhood so beautifully.
    martine @ silencing the bell

  2. Wonderful read... being a mom... the feeling leaves me speechless..



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