Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Galileo Galilei #atozchallenge

Walking along Las Ramblas in Barcelona there were a number of mime artists.  Some do not move at all while others interact with members of the crowd...most often at the donation of a euro or two in their box.   We were on the street a few separate times during our stay, all for different reasons.  This time was the most magical as it was our first time there, and we had no real destination other than to walk the whole area down to the sea.  This was also the evening that we came across an artists fair under tents along the water and found a few great paintings to bring home with us.  All of the mimes were something quite extraordinary, however I was most taken by Galileo Galilei and offered a little tuppence for a quick lesson from the master.


  1. That is pretty cool!
    Stopping in on the A to Z
    Katy Trail Creations

  2. Love the pic! Galileo was a pretty cool customer!
    I'm not much into the science of Astronomy but your post wasn't of the scary scientific kind! Never knew his full name though!


  3. I love mime artists - we live near Bath in the UK and it always has loads of buskers and mimes, it makes any walk in a urban area fun. ~Liz (animals and sustainability one of my themes!)



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