Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for Appreciate #atozchallenge

View of Granada from La Alhambra Spain

I can not believe that it is April first!   Today begins the Blogging from A-Z challenge.  I have read many posts about how people attack this project.  Some do a theme for the month while others pre-write their posts in advance having thought ideas out well ahead of time.  Myself, I need a deadline, always have and this is no exception.  Last year when I completed my 100 happy days, I did not pre-plan, I just wrote each morning over my coffee before getting the kids up.  I am hoping to attack this much the same way.

We returned in the wee hours of Thursday morning from Spain, and were welcomed back to greening grass and thunderstorms that included hail!  The farm greeted us with the first wood violets beginning to bloom, and all of the animals happy to be outside.  Today we headed back to work and then I spent some time this afternoon tidying up and smudging the house, a seasonal ritual of mine that I missed out on as we were airborne the first day of spring.   Now as I collapse here this afternoon I am reflecting on the last couple of weeks with my jet lag laden brain.   I feel a deep sense of appreciation not only in how fortunate we were to be able to take this epic trip, but also that we so fully immersed ourselves in the adventure.  We are seasoned travelers but most of our travel with the kids has been visiting family around the country.  So going on a trip like this was a completely new experience and we learned a lot about likes and dislikes and how each one of us approaches learning and enjoying another culture in a different way.

I gaze out at our property and am full of appreciation for the lifestyle that we have chosen here.  Our journey toward the simpler things also made me glow with appreciation for what we observed in rural southern Spain making it a beautifully rich experience all around.

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  1. I loved this post thank you and the beautiful photographs! Yes, to appreciate nature for all that she is, in all her glory and beauty ..

    Happy settling back - and getting stuck into the A-Z! Good luck!

  2. Simple things are often the most beautiful and keep life uncomplicated. Your trip to Spain has been eye opening in more ways than one!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and Happy AtoZing!!

  3. Refreshing post. Loved the first day post and will look forward for more from you on your blog.

  4. Beautiful violets! I'm enjoying your posts. Glad to find your blog through the A to Z Blog Challenge. Good luck with A to Z!
    Trisha Faye (
    Vintage Daze (

  5. i might have to cheat and backdate an atozchallenge post to yesterday. i so need an assignment, but i will admit it was your B post that inspired me most.


    1. Thanks J, glad you're joining, I think it will be fun :) xo



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