Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I grew up in a football family.  We had season tickets to the Rams and did not miss a home game.  The football culture in Los Angeles was rich.  Sunday's began with brunch in the stadium club, followed by the game, and then afterwords, back to the club to watch the cheerleaders and listen to the coach re-cap.  

We lost grandpa a year ago this week, and I eulogized here about his special voice.  As I was wrapped up in memories this morning, I did a little sound-check (as I do every so often with all of my grandparents), and I could still hear his voice loud and clear.  This mornings sound-check included a vivid memory of a stadium full of fans swaying from side to side chanting  E - v - e - r - e - t - t   in welcoming our new quarterback, oh so many years ago.  No ones voice was more clear to me then or now as grandpas.  I think this morning especially he is smiling down seeing that his precious Rams are headed home.

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