Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunshine and Compost

We have had an absolutely beautiful fall.  This past weekend we were able to finish all of the mowing and leaf collecting while soaking up some vitamin D.

We still keep our old tractor around and hot wire it to work each season as our leaf collector fits specifically to it.  It does a fair enough job, the leaf collecting is a slow tedious process and the speed is about all that old red can handle.   We mow and mulch up windrows with the big tractor and that moves rather quickly, then do the collection.  We were able to add at least 8 loads of clippings to the compost.  As it turned out this year was the latest that we have gotten the collection done, and there are only two trees that have any leaves left and they are few.  The yard looks ready for winter.

We were able to add compost to and cover ten of the fourteen garden beds, and it looks like this weekend will be another nice one so we should be able to finish the rest.  Also a first, to get all of them done in one season before the snow flies.  It is a good feeling, because at this point we are just banking our hard work now toward an easier re-entry next spring.

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  1. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, but always so much work.



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