Monday, November 16, 2015

In the Garden ~ November 15

I never thought that I would have the opportunity to write an in the garden post on November 15!  Yesterday was a gorgeous 65 degrees,  rare for mid-November.  After last week's 'final' push outside winterizing I decided that if we could not squeeze anything else in, then I was perfectly happy with the clean up and jump start that we had on the garden for spring.  We were fortunate that he weather stars aligned this weekend and we finished everything!  Every single garden bed has been top dressed with compost and covered.  The hugelkultur, garlic and sun chokes are heavily mulched in straw.  The compost is cooking, and the French Lavender is still giving us a fragrant hint of green.  We have kohlrabi, kale and leeks still in the ground and there they will remain while they are perfectly happy.  We will re-move the leeks and plant them in a bucket of peat moss this year, we have heard that they will last a couple of months that way in our root cellar so we will give it a try.

Though very tardy, we got the pool closed.  We trimmed the large pines that are on our drive and around our entrance, picked up fallen sticks and had the final bonfire of the season.  Finishing up gave us a huge sense of accomplishment, I do not think we have ever had a season when we have been able to button up so thoroughly before the weather turned on us.  Even better, we both came in the house with pink sunburned faces....on November 15th!

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  1. I am tardy with closing our pool. Seems to get worse each year! lol



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