Monday, September 21, 2015

New Projects

This time of year makes me want to nest.  All of the time spent harvesting and preserving food gives me a sense of urgency to not only get outdoor tasks done but also to get the inside prepared to be our comfort in the colder months ahead while still enjoying my favorite season.  Part of this nesting is also reflected in a return to creativity.  Sid asked that I knit her a beanie.  Hmmmm, I have knit quite a bit in the past, but only blankets and scarves, things that could be knit in a straight line with no particular shape.

I found what looked to be a reasonably easy pattern, used supplies that I already had in the house, and knit two hats (one wearable) this week.  It was a great learning experience, and really not that difficult.  The first hat was plagued with problems.  I had to scrap it more than half way through when I realized that I had knitted a twist.  Lesson one was learning how to avoid a twist and as I began that hat again and then the second one, I paid close attention to avoid that!  The second lesson was in the weight of the yarn.  Though the pattern called for a medium worsted yarn, it really needed something heavy and the wool blend that I chose for round two was perfect.  The third lesson was when knitting in a round the length of the circle is very important.  Even if you cast on a certain number of stitches if you stretch them too far on say a 24" round vs. a 16" round it simply will be too large.

What I am left with is a happy daughter, more confidence and two hats, one that I think will fit perfectly on a scarecrow this fall!

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