Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Do You BuJo?

At the beginning of the summer I heard through some friends about the bullet journal (BuJo), and hosted a class at our house to find out more.  I have been a fully digital girl for a long time and rely heavily on it for my calendar and address book but at heart I am still a list maker, and note taker, and like to be able to quickly refer back to something long since completed.  As I have downloaded any number of apps for this purpose, I have yet to come across one that does exactly what I would like.  I have taken to using two separate notebooks at work for our weekly meeting notes, and find that when I need to jot something down, since life is so digital, I either have sticky notes everywhere or will jot a note down in one of two places on my phone, both mediums have the problem of being out of sight, out of mind.

Enter the bullet journal, one place for everything.  Though a major component of it is also to house your calendar, I do not use it for that function, except to highlight a special event on a given day, like a birthday or anniversary.  More importantly, I use it to house notes on particular projects, party plans, school related stuff, random business cards that I want to hang onto and weekly to-do lists, goals and menu plans....yes, I am even trying to menu plan!  Though I may not be sticking to it entirely in this season of garden bounty, it is nice that my ideas for the week are there to look back on.

I also enjoy that I have made it part art journal too.  I can doodle and decorate.  On busy summer days when there are an impossible number of to-dos running through the ongoing list in my head, I am happy that I have a place to find everything.  There is something about having a little bit of analog in this ever digital life that is grounding.

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