Thursday, August 6, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 93

August has arrived and even just a few days in you know it.  It has its own feel; a combination of lazy hazy days and the hustle and bustle of finishing up summer while simultaneously preparing for the school year.  The days have begun to grow shorter and the light is taking on that special golden hue that I so love this time of year.  As we walk the property there is just a certain feel to everything, the locusts hum and the garden is producing.  It feels as if everything has hit its stride, instinctively knowing that change is coming and every moment should be enjoyed before the season is out.  I love the feel of late summer.  Maybe because we head off on a much anticipated vacation, or it is the time when we eat the freshest and put up most of the garden produce for the winter, or maybe it is just because it is the final build up to my favorite time of year, the fall.  Regardless, an August day with its fluctuations between busy and relaxed make for many happy moments.

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