Monday, July 27, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 83

Yesterday was a busy day, beginning very early as Charles headed off to camp.  I think he got his wish; post chili cook off he was exhausted so I am sure had no problem sleeping in the car for the four hour ride North.  I must say that I had a mom panic moment about two hours after I got home and went to fold laundry.  You see, the kids swam late Saturday night so Charles put his swim trunks in the dryer so they would be ready to head to camp.  You guessed it, I found them in they dryer late yesterday morning, so he went off to camp for a week without swim trunks!  I guess he will use his boy scout survival techniques to figure out what shorts will be the most water worthy for the task.

After a little final cleaning up we took Sidney and friend to the Ren Faire.  They were dressed to play the part, and we had a leisurely afternoon walking around and catching shows.  The water lilies were just beginning to bloom and were a beautiful, relaxing sight after so much activity.

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