Monday, June 29, 2015

Teenage Years

As we find ourselves fully ensconced in the teenage years it has been both a joy and a challenge to watch teenager #1 develop her own style through trial and error.    She is her own person.  She does not want to be a trend setter, but does seem to make choices that others want to emulate.  As she gets irritated when she sees her ideas begin to be duplicated, she is constantly tweaking herself.  Years ago she worried that she was going to lose her imagination.  She did not want to grow up and no longer be able to be creative.  Thankfully, her creativity seems to only be expanding in her ideas, art, and expression.

B and I decided long ago that since there would be many important challenges that we as parents would have to navigate and set strong boundaries for, that things like fashion choices and hair color would not be a major issue for us.  We would allow our kids to express themselves as long as they were safe and any permanent changes to their bodies that they desired would wait until they were of legal adult age.  With Leanne's help, it seems that Sidney's vision came out perfectly, suiting who she is right now.  Hopefully these little faiths in their creativity and ideas will give them the wings they need to fly with confidence and joy.

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  1. You have to pick your battles. And, teenagers need some freedom to become their own person. Bravo



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