Monday, June 22, 2015


B is always looking for new ways to do things.  As a constant researcher, we never need to worry about finding innovative ways for re-use.

Due to various storms we have lost a number of trees over the last 8 years.  There is some wonderful wood that we have seasoned and hold onto for fires and cooking, but there is also a lot of more junk wood like willow and box elder.

Enter hugelkultur;  a permaculture method creating a raised garden bed, by layering logs of wood and soil.  The natural settling and breakdown of the wood over time gives wonderful nutrients to whatever we may choose to plant there.

Fortunately, the timing worked perfectly for us to clean up areas of various logs, and the fact that we had a great deal of surplus soil from where the pool area was just dug.

With the bulk of the work done, we plan to water it thoroughly and cover it with a row cover while it initially warms up and begins to break down.  Then I think we will plant a variety of perennial plants on it to make it a more permanent fixture in the garden.

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