Friday, June 19, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 45

After two months of planning and rescheduling a few times due to rain, yesterday, this happened!  When I was growing up, my house was the hang out house.  We had a pool, basket ball hoop, pool table, and my folks always kept a stocked fridge.  My group of friends had countless sleep overs, it was a highlight of my adolescence.

Sidney had expressed that she wanted the same thing, but we do not have a pool.  No we only have six acres, basket ball, volleyball, bad mitten, fire pit, archery, a trampoline and tons of animals...but that is boring!  We were considering an above ground pool and when one came up for re-sale for a great price from a local family we jumped on the opportunity.  We need to finish the back-fill area around it and take a power washer to the outside but it is about good to go.  Next year we will add a deck around the back.  A happy moment yesterday, envisioning happy summer days ahead.

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