Sunday, June 7, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 32

Yesterday was the last game of the 2014/2015 soccer season.  The boys played a solid game and won decidedly.  They have tryouts this week for next season, then get a short break before the new seasons practices begin in August.  Many of our kids take advantage of that break by playing in the summer fun 3 v. 3 league.  Why?  Because they miss it when they do not play and they want to keep their foot skills fresh.

It was a bitter sweet ending as we had the season end celebration at the field.  Next year they move on.  As U13 they will go to a full size field and play with the full eleven players plus goalie.  They will also move on from their coach, who has been such an important figure to them in their development, not only in soccer but in important life lessons.  He has taught them to be respectful,  good sportsmen, disciplined in their thought and training and how to have fun while doing what you love.  

With a final cheer they move on.  Charles was so fortunate to have had this coach for the last four years.  He is well prepared to move forward in this game he loves.  It makes me happy that this dedicated coach will not just disappear, we will see him around as he cheers our boys forward.

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  1. Great to hear that Charles has a role model like this.



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