Friday, June 5, 2015

#100HappyDays :: Day 30

It seems like just yesterday she was in kindergarten, now she has graduated 8th grade and is on her way to high school.

She has grown up before my eyes and my heart both sores and hurts for her as she learns to navigate life.

She was not enthusiastic about the ceremony, but I think that she is glad that she went. What she really was looking forward to was hanging out with her friends at the reception and art display afterwards.  I had to dodge a cafeteria full of adults and kids moving around to try to catch a couple of candids.  It is fun to see her in her element at ease with her friends.

We went out for frozen yogurt with her group afterwards and I was reminiscing with one of the moms how only three years ago at a roller skating meet and greet of incoming sixth graders Sidney and Libby sat on the sidelines, both too shy to join in much or communicate with one another.  Now they are both zany, smart, beautiful girls with sharp wits.  A happy evening of endings and new beginnings.

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