Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tedious But Well Worth It

So many farm related tasks can be exercises in monotony and tedium.  With hints of Spring in the air and a thaw underway we are driven with energy again that tends to wane somewhat in the winter months.  We have also noticed that as the new growing season approaches after a long winter, the things that require a lot of time and energy to accomplish and that we swear we will not do again, we are jumping eagerly into.

After a refreshing hike through the snow this morning to check our sap buckets, we decided it was time to finally get the bulk of our garlic from last season preserved.  Peeling hundreds of cloves can make you question your sanity motivation for doing such a task.

But then in a matter of a few hours the beautifully preserved cloves will be done, ready to be added to any number of dishes, or simply spread on a baguette, maybe with a little slice of goat cheese.  Its all about home grown and depth of flavor. so as we sit down to our spaghetti with garlic bread this evening, I know that though the work was tedious, it was well worth it!

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  1. What are you preserving them in? I'm growing a veg bed of garlic this year and I'm looking for ideas!



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